If you are anything like me, you are sick of hearing people tell you how strong you are,

because you don’t feel strong at all.

I felt like at any moment I would just cease to exist. I had no idea how to relieve the pain I was feeling.


I was scared to death to make any decisions for fear it was going to be the wrong decision.


 I was afraid to show my emotions in front of my kids for fear that it would negatively impact them.


 I was constantly overwhelmed by all the things I now had to do all by myself.


 I felt disconnected from friends and family and quite honestly reality.


 I just felt like I was merely existing.


 Are you feeling this way? If so let me teach you what I wish I would have known so much sooner.


 I'll show you the process to gain confidence in knowing you are doing what’s right for you and your family.


 I’ll show you how to feel more connected with friends and family.


 I will teach you how to STOP merely existing, and START living your life on purpose, with joy and happiness again.

But you don’t have to be a widow to experience this.

You may just be in a season of your life you don’t fully know how to navigate.

You may:

💫 be sending your kids off to college

💫 have moved to a different location

💫 be learning to live differently because of the pandemic

💫 be going through a break up or divorce

💫 be suffering the death of a loved one

💫 be frustrated with your current job


These are all forms of grief and because of my own experiences and training,

I can help you navigate through them.


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