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Doors are closed 

Doors are closed 

Do you ever feel like you aren't deserving of your dreams?

Are you constantly worried about other people's opinions of you?

Do you feel like there is something missing in your life?

Do you put everyone else's needs above your own?

What doing this work has done for me


I know the pain of not loving yourself. 

The pain of feeling like you don't measure up.
The pain of believing if you could just change, this or that, that you would finally fit in or matter.

My pain came mostly from my physical appearance. 
I always thought if I could lose 20-30 pounds my life would be perfect. 
I was always waiting on that time.  Waiting to live my life until.... 

I lost that 20-30 pounds multiple times, and guess what, that pain was still there.  
I still didn't love myself, because then it was something else. 
If I could get a raise, or if my marriage was just a bit better. 

Funny cuz I thought losing the weight was the answer to making my marriage better.  

I also realized even though I was able to lose the weight I still had a ton of judgement for myself.  


  • I was still lazy!

  • I was still unorganized!

  • I still didn't want to have sex!

  • I still relied on everyone else's opinion!

  • I still believed everyone else's judgement of me!

  • I still had a terrible relationship with myself!

  • I still didn't know anything about myself, because I followed every trend and was always trying to fit in!

  • I was still lost and still masquerading, as I don't even know what!


Does any of this sound familiar to you? If so I can help. 

I've finally done the work, I finally know what makes me tick!

I finally love myself and put myself first.  I now realize I matter.  And that MY opinion is the only one that matters about me.  

If you related to any of this you are going to want to stick around and join this program.  

Wouldn't you rather

Experience a greater sense of happiness and inner peace?

Have increased motivation?​

Be more comfortable in your body?

Have better mental and physical health?

And gain a sense of who you really are?

Self-Love & Acceptance sounds easy but if it were easy we would all be doing it! 

 In this program we will walk through this step by step!

Here's what's possible when you start loving and accepting yourself.


  • You'll have deeper connected relationships with
    your partner, friends, parents, and children

  • You'll be able to ask for what you want

  • You'll have more self confidence

  • You'll be much more resilient

  • You'll be less judgmental of yourself and others

  • You'll understand what makes you tick

  • You'll gain a sense of who you truly are
    (not what society has told you who you should be)

Program Details:

Start Date January 11th, 2023

End Date June 14th, 2023

Weekly Calls via Zoom

Cost: $2000 USD

I'm ready sign me up!

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