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What Clients Are Saying

Coaching with DeDe Anderson was amazing!


I received coaching from DeDe about a month into the pandemic and I was struggling with some personal expectation issues that were making me feel like a failure. From the moment DeDe came onto Zoom and introduced herself, I felt comfortable and safe. It was like talking to a friend I had known my whole life.


What DeDe did so well during our sessions was listen with a caring ear while also asking me the tough questions that I really hadn’t thought about before, or frankly, wanted to answer. She guided me through some introspection and asked just the right questions, at the right time, to allow me to dig deeper into myself and discover the root of my issue, and determine what outcome in my life that I truly wanted. Years of therapy hadn’t done what DeDe accomplished in just a few sessions.


I learned the power of my thoughts and how ultimately, I am in control of my thoughts, feelings, and in the end, my life. Outcomes are completely up to me and I now feel a sense of empowerment that I have never known. The tools that she taught me I will take with me and use throughout all areas of my life and I can truly say, my life will never be the same since working with DeDe.

I am forever in her debt.   ~KS

"Working with Dede as my life coach has been an incredible experience! She is patient, encouraging, and insightful when I am stuck in overwhelm or ambivalence. She offers concrete tools that not only help uncover the cause of deeply rooted issues, but also assists in the process of developing realistic actions steps toward positive change and growth."   ~CS